Why Weren’T Vietnam Veterans Welcomed Home?

Veterans of the Vietnam War did not get any of the honors or benefits that were given to members of the ″greatest generation″ who served during World War II. As a group, they were not given any recognition for their service. No ‘Welcome Home’ parades for Vietnam vets. This was in part caused by the logistical challenges presented by the never-ending battle.

Why don’t Vietnam vets come home?

  • ″However, in contrast to the veterans of the Vietnam War, they did not return to a nation that was fractured and riddled with uncertainty about the reasons those wars were fought and whether or not they had been successful.″ They did not come back as representations of a major national setback either.
  • Many of the young men who served in Vietnam had significant challenges as they attempted to transition to life in the United States after returning from service there.

Why do some veterans of earlier wars look down on Vietnam?

  • Some veterans of the Vietnam War felt that other Americans who had previously served in the military and fought in past conflicts may be more useful than other individuals.
  • After all, veterans of World War II (1939–45) and the Korean War (1950–53) were familiar with the experience of being in battle.
  • However, many veterans of earlier wars gave the impression that they looked down on Vietnam soldiers because of the fact that they had not prevailed in that conflict.

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