Where Can Veterans Get Free Dental Care?

  1. If you served in the military and are now in need of dental treatment, as well as meeting the other criteria for eligibility, you may be eligible for donated dental services (DDS).
  2. Determine whether or not you are eligible to get free medical care in your state.
  3. Donated Dental Services (DDS) are described as follows: The Donated Dental Services (DDS) program is the primary initiative carried out by Dental Lifeline Network.

Where can I get dental care for a veteran?

We have over 200 dental clinics located all throughout the United States, including Alaska and Puerto Rico, where we serve qualifying Veterans in need of dental care. If I can’t obtain VA dental care benefits, can I get help buying dental insurance?

Do you need free dental care from the VA?

  1. The majority of veterans are not eligible for dental care via the VA.
  2. Therefore, these dentists are providing it at no cost.
  3. They assisted around 4,000 veterans who were in need during the course of this year.
  4. William Bell’s teeth had deteriorated to the extent that it appeared as though he had been ″smoking meth every day for years.″ This was the result of years of negligence on William Bell’s part.

Can veterans receive VA dental benefits?

For veterans to be eligible for the entire range of dental benefits offered by the VA, they must either be totally incapacitated, have served as a prisoner of war, or have been diagnosed with a dental problem while they were in the military. Because the demand is so high, homeless veterans rank dental care with housing and child care as one of their top three unmet needs.

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Does Aspen Dental offer free dental care to veterans?

On June 8, dentists and teams from Aspen Dental will once again offer free dental treatment to veterans around the country. As part of Aspen Dental’s community giving project known as the Healthy Mouth Movement, almost 500 clinics around the country will throw up their doors to provide dental care to veterans in their respective communities for the sixth consecutive year.

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