What Percentage Of The Homeless Population Are Veterans?

Veterans make up around 12 percent of the population of adults who are homeless. 92 percent of the homeless veteran population is comprised of men, and the majority of those men suffer from at least one diagnosable mental disease in addition to problems with substance misuse or alcoholism.

Veterans make up a large portion of the population of persons who are without homes in the United States. In point of fact, veterans make up 11% of all adults living on the streets in the United States.

How many homeless veterans are there in 2019?

37,085 veterans were experiencing homelessness as of the first month of 2019. The next count of the population will take conducted in January of 2020. Which state has the highest number of veterans who are living on the streets? It is estimated that there are 10,836 homeless veterans living on the streets of California, making this state the one with the most homeless veterans overall.

What is the prevalence of homelessness in the US?

The prevalence was roughly 12 percent among those who were currently without a home, and it was 8 percent among Veterans who were at danger of becoming homeless. Veterans who were housed had a nine percent likelihood of beginning treatment, but those who were at risk for homelessness, were now homeless, or had been homeless had a six to seven percent probability of beginning treatment.

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