LISTEN: Radio Interviews Explore Newton Public School Scandal & Citizen Lawsuits

APT’s Charles Jacobs and EWI’s Karen Hurvitz discuss the Newton schools scandal and lawsuit on WSMN 1590 with Dianna Ploss

On August 23, Dr. Charles Jacobs of APT and Karen Hurvitz, a lawyer representing the Newton, Massachusetts group Education without Indoctrination (EWI) in an unfolding lawsuit against the Newton School Committee, explained the ongoing and building scandals involving anti-American, anti-Semitic, and pro-Islamic teachings in the city’s high schools in back-to-back interviews with talk radio host Dianna Ploss on WSMN 1590 (Nashua, New Hampshire)’s Dianna Ploss Show.

Dr. Jacobs’ segment begins at 10:17; Karen Hurvitz’ at 28:42.

Listen and learn.

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