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You too can become a Founding Father or Mother! – of America Resurgent:


You can help this self-funded, grassroots initiative to bring you top notch speakers,
unsullied by political correctness, by donating (non tax deductible) here:


$10,000 – George & Martha Washington Status: includes Gourmet Dinner with The General, and take home bottle of fine wine, and chocolate covered cherries to plant your very own cherry tree.



$5,000 – Thomas & Martha Jefferson Status: includes Gourmet Lunch with The General; a take home bottle of fine wine and an autographed copy of The Declaration of Independence.




$1,000 – Gourmet Lunch with The CIA, prior food testing included.



$500 – Gourmet Lunch with The NSA, wire-tapping not included.



$200 – Alexander & Elizabeth Hamilton Status: Breakfast with “The Bravest Man In The World”. Name withheld for security reasons.



$100 – Benjamin & Deborah Franklin Status: Coffee, postage stamp, and a library card.



Other Amount – John Quincy & Louisa Adams includes a pat on the back, a drink and a DVD copy of Amistad.

Other Amount: USD




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